Aichi Horisuzu

Total Hand Carving Tattoo Sculptor Aichi Horisuzu

At our dojo, we will use hand-carved traditional Japanese ink.

It has many advantages such as less burden on the skin, bleeding, and pain, the color deepens deeply over the years, and the work is faster than the machine. We do not work with machinery or ink. Since the history of Japan has been repainted on the Internet, we will discuss the meaning of the design in true Japanese traditional culture and then hold a meeting. Feel free to call us for new requests, consultations, and more.


Aichi Horisuzu scenery is being prepared
You can see from here.

(Overtime work)


You can see the works currently being produced by Aichi Horisuzu.
Hand carving is less painful,
Skilled technology is faster than machines,
It will be more beautiful.


You can see the works that Aichi Horisuzu has worked on so far.


1 hour ¥15,000

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